First time here, I suffered really bad back pain and was looking for strong and efficient massage to get rid of it. I discovered how painful was a Thai massage but also how great it feels after. I used to go to another massage 3-4 times from other places,but now I don't go anywhere else since I met Kate : a great and funny lady with golden hands! She is my favourite torturer ;-) Hard to believe, but despite the pain I managed to have some very good laugh. Anyway, I never been a fan of massage but now I have to say it has become a MUST DO thing for me. I would definitely recommend this place! Plus, very clean place and comfortable, always very welcoming!

I have been already 3 times at Sawasdee Thai Massage and Every time I visit here I am never disappointed. Yesterday I had a combination session. I had fallen asleep during the treatment and by the end of it I felt like I had a new body. I absolutely love the massages by Kate, She is very punctual, has a great technique, uses the right pressure and is super friendly. If you are looking for a therapist who is professional and caring for you. You should meet Kate. She helped me get a better back, shoulder and made my body more flexible. I would like to recommend this place when your body wants to get relax, so I absolutely recommend her!! The location is very central, 2 mins from Subway. Highly recommend!!

I thoroughly enjoyed my 90 minute massage! I asked for a strong massage, and she checked to make sure the pressure was just right. She managed to work out the problem spots and created a wonderful, relaxing session at the same time. I look forward to the next session

I have been a regular for Thai massage with her for a long time. It is totally legitimate massage so do not expect anything else but a great relaxation and an atmosphere that is going to relieve you of stress and make you forget where you were for ninety minutes. She has technique will bring you to a place of deep meditation and sometime I must make a conscious effort not to fall asleep to keep enjoying each moment. She massages every part of the body and it may be construed as sensual at time but always legit as I have experienced it in Bali. It would be wrong and out of place to demand or expect happy ending when each moment is fully satisfactory bringing in a communion of two energies creating a universe where time and space disappear to let only pure joy and peace. She is a master guiding you to just be and enjoy surrendering to her magical touch. It is sublime and addicting. It seems that all attachment to egos and personality disappear under her strokes that provide such bliss. Her ability to transport you out of yourself and let you be as a child in a marvelous garden of wonders is her talent that manifests through her technique. I will go back again and again. Her place is nice and clean and her choice of meditative music is good.

The best Thai massage in New York City, if you are looking for a really great massage this is the place to go, She will leave you feeling totally, refreshed , rejuvenated and elated, her intuitive way of knowing what is out of balance is amazing, when she is finished, all stress is gone and your body is like floating as you walk down the streets...

I had neck and back problem because of working long hours and from workout. My college recomended her for me. I started my session since January. I like her thai massage that she did combination with oil massage. Thai massage is a little bit too intense for me. I feel much better. Her place very clean and convenient. Her schedule so flexible even on weekend. I totally recommend her. She is really nice and sweet. Thump up!

I just had an amazing massage here. I have had several massages in NYC, and this is my first time at this place. And I will be back! She is the first therapist to change her routine to focus on the problems in MY body. The other therapists I have had just seem to be doing the same routine on me each time. But She changed her pressure based on my different needs throughout my body. She takes the time to feel what my muscles need. I really enjoy most of the time there. When back in NYC this is where I’m going!! So I highly recommend her! Btw I booked her for a 2 hour massage. AND I am a professional massage therapist in England so I know a good massage!

I’m someone who tends to like my massages more gentle and I knew I was taking a risk by coming here for a traditional Thai massage. But it was worth it! The environment you’re in is so relaxing and she seriously knew what she’s doing. I had my back cracked several times and knots and pressure points were focused on throughout the whole time. I felt great walking out of there. I’d definitely recommend it, This is a great spot and glad I found it. I’ll be back!

I got a great massage from here. She really demonstrated her skills by varying the pressure: I asked her to go easy on my legs due to an injury but to use very strong pressure on the rest of my body and she did exactly that without any reminding. She was also able to easily tell where I had knots and other random sensitive spots and she changed her technique accordingly. To top it off, at the end of the massage, She helped me stretch to help my body adjust to the work she just did. The entire time, She is very polite, kind, and warm. Thank you for such a great experience! So good! I’m definitely a new client!

I booked the two hour ‘ Thai combination massage’ This involved the Thai massage and an aromatherapy oil massage. I had a very sore back after sleeping oddly on a hard bed, She picked this up immediately and asked if she could do some thai balm massage in this area. I agreed. She performed some very specific myofascial release on my back and arms and the pain and knots resolved!! I was very impressed. She has great massage techniques. She listened what I said and adjusted her style to suit my preferences. I would recommend her and This is a great cause and also good quality and price! I would definitely recommend going to this one rather than others that are a higher price.

I’ve had the pleasure of close to a dozen massages at sawasdeethaimassage and each has been excellent! The combination of deep relaxation and stretching is a perfect blend. She has been warm and nurturing. The pressure is always as I request. In short- the experience is wonderful!! I would recommend!!

I usually come to NYC every month and I like to get a good Thai massage and you can find a lot of great places with good recommendations here. I have to admit that I found my master today: Kate. A very friendly and talented thai lady who is gifted when it comes to thai massage! I guess she is 55kg and i am more than twice as much and she twisted and stretched me unbelievably! I like strong massages and it was so far the best I got! thanks! will be back! Also she is very kind and very funny... check it out!

One of my friends recommended this place and I decided to give it a try. Very professional. I was massaged within an inch of my bone marrow! The masseuse managed to find all the knots in my back, legs and arms.There were some great stretches at the end perfect for my sore and weary muscles. It felt just like the massages I had in Thailand!. I was pleased to read she was trained in Wat PO in Bangkok, I've been there and they are experts in Thai massage. I'm going back in two weeks with the aim of improving my neck and shoulders. All of which affects my posture. Thank you for a great painful treatment. I figured no pain no gain was the way forward. Check it out for yourself.

This place is changing my life. Also one of the only massage places that cares for the ''feeling'' no unnecessary talking, nice music, dimmed lights and she put her hearts into the massages. She is amazing! for real medical problems It is advisable to book medical massages with Kate! Best massage in NYC. I go here every week at least twice. Definitely recommend!

After a long day of traveling, I was in dire need of a good massage and luckily stumbled into this place! This place is clean and has a most pleasant atmosphere. The music is well selectet and is also very quiet. The ladyes who work there take care of u each minute. Every session is like a journey inside your mind and body. Go to Sawasdeethaimassagenyc, you will not be disappointed!

I was so surprised that I can find such as awesome sport Thai massage in NYC. I am an avid sports man. I love Triathlon, biking, and Nordic skiing. I have had massages all around the world but I must say best sport massage I ever had was at Sawasdeethaimassagenyc. After a 150 km bike in about 40 degree whether. I was dead tired and sore. The deep muscle penetration, separation, relaxing and of the fiber was as if she was separating each fiber one by one, from head to toe. After 2 hour it was enough for me to want to go back out on the bike again. Unbelievable!!! Thank you.

It was the combination massage I've ever had and the and my therapist was wondering she did a great massage and got rid all of my knots from my shoulder and also had a foot massage and that was brilliant. Highly recommend for a really good, professional massage, Very clean, peaceful and strong.

This is one of the best places I have been for a massage $110 for an hour's oil well priced. She knows what they she’s doing any knots I had were massaged into submission! I will highly recommend Sawasdeethaimassagenyc, you will not be disappointed, they also have an online booking system a simple way of getting an appointment convenient you.

The best Thai massage I've ever had! Don't miss that chance to try special medical massage with stones from Kate . She has unique possibilities to broke down energy locks. She is so lovely and caring. She wants to help you and make you feel better. I was staying across the street at Midtown east and went almost every week. I've tried the Thai massage, foot massage, Swedish, Hot stone and combination massages. All amazing!I Highly recommended!

I totally recommend to all lover of Thai massage. I practice competitive tennis and she is the best remedy for my pain and muscles. The best Thai massage with a strong pressure I have been a client for long time and cannot find a better one. Phenomenal massage!

I had the MOST fantastic relaxation experience at Sawasdee Thai Massage NYC. I Asked for the same treatments again 2 days later. I Had a thai massage and reflexology. Kate was attentive and focused, it was probably the best massage I ever had, and I Have had massages all over the world. I was reliable to fall asleep into a deep relaxation and peacefulness, it was very amazing. I would highly recommend this place to anyone visiting in the area. It is great value for money and I hope to return again when i am in NYC next. The ambience is very peaceful, there is gentle music playing. And the massage bed and pillow is very comfortable and soft, facilities are very clean. Thank you so much for your wonderful service.

I have been seeing Kate for about 2 plus years now. I had always been looking for a good Thai massage and never came across somebody that met my standards. Kate makes you feel comfortable from the moment you meet her. She offers a professional, non rushed massage. Each massage seems a little different as she is able to feel.what you need in that session. Her studio is always spotless clean and is a soothing, calming space. I always leave feeling refreshed and energized. I never want sessions to end. I highly recommend Kate for your massage needs.

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